Open Source

All my open source projects are available on my Github Account.

Autodesk FDO Provider for ESRI File Geodatabases

As part of the Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS project, Autodesk developed a new internal FDO provider for integration with ArcGIS Online. This provider adds support for ESRI's proprietary file format called File Geodatabase (FGDB). I worked as the secondary developer to develop this provider. The provider is a C++ library built using the FDO API and ESRI FileGDB API.

Autodesk FDO Provider for ArcGIS for Server Maintenance

Autodesk maintains an internal FDO provider that supports ArcGIS for Server. I maintained and fixed defects in the provider across several FDO, Autodesk and ESRI releases. The provider is a C++ library built using the FDO API and ESRI ArcObjects SDK. Internally the library uses COM due to a legacy 32-bit/64-bit impedence mismatch between the various APIs and SDKs.

Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS

As part of a new partnership between ESRI and Autodesk the Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS was created. The connector is designed for seamless integration between the Autodesk suite of products and ArcGIS Online data.

This project consists of a data selection component and a separate data provider (FDO). I served as lead developer for the selection component and developed the C++ library and Javascript UI in collaboration with Autodesk. The FDO provider was developed as an independent component.


NatAlliance is a mid-sized regional broker-dealer based out of Austin, Texas with a strong focus in fixed-income trading and sales. Blotter is a back-office reporting and accounting platform that integrates with NatAlliances trade order management system's (Bloomberg TOMS) trading data. The solution was designed and developed as a bespoke project for NatAlliance. The product was delivered as an internal web application using Python and Django. The product features a custom, purpose-built trade ticket pairing algorithm that is central to the core systems.